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Admission of Pupils

  • Admission is open to all students without distinction of caste or creed,provided they have responsible local guardians to look after their studies and conduct at school.
  • Admissin will be granted only after due registration in time according to the age limit prescribed by K.E.R to the class and up to the limit to admissible strength of the class.
  • Proof of date of birth of pupil must be produced at the time of seeking of admission.
  • No “Guest-Student” will be permitted to any class under any circumstances.
  • Age limit prescribed in K.E.R. will be closely adhered to:Overaged and underaged pupils will not be admitted to and allowed to be in class.

Rules of Desciplne for students

  • Every pupil must have a copy of this diary each year and must bring it to the school,daily.
  • No child should come to school too early and roam about or play in the morning before class. Those who come before time are to sit in their classes, and study.
  • Perfect silence is to be observed and strict discipline should be maintained in the class and school premises,after the first bell.
  • The children should be neat and tidy in full school uniform. Tie and foot wear are compulsory in school premises. Students from nursery to 4th are allowed to wear civil dress on their Birthdays.
  • In the school as well as in the school bus the medium of conversation should be English.
  • Pupils are forbidden to come to the school and remain in the class wearing GOLD ORNAMENTS or bringing fancy articles for display and distraction. They are to be simple and modest always.
  • When the Assembly or Prayer has started no pupil shall walk around. They must remain where they are at the signal and move on only after the ceremony is over. Diisregard of this will lead to unpalatable consequences to the offenders.
  • No pupil shall be absent from the class without a leave application from the parent to the class teacher. The application must be addressed to the Headmistress/Principal if the period of absence is for more than three days.
  • A Pupil absent without leave application for 15 consecutive working days, will have his/her name removed from the rolls,and will not as a matter of course be admitted to the class.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in School work, dishonesty, obscenity in word or act, in subordination or serious misconduct or threats, even outside the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a pupil from the school
  • Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their own books and belongings.
  • Pupils shall not write or scribble on the walls,or deface the furniture or the class, throw paper about or spill ink
  • Every pupil must show respect to every teacher of the school or officers or V.I.P’s.They must wish them properly.Disregard of teachers will lead to punishment.