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Our Mother Foundress, St.ROSA VENERINI be our guiding star to SET US FREE from all that is evil to all that is good, beautiful and noble and towards the true path of righteousness and holiness.

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Admission is open to all students without distinction of caste or creed,provided they have responsible local guardians to look after their studies and conduct at school, No “Guest-Student” will be permitted to any class under any circumstances.

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Welcome to Venerini EM Higher Secondary School

Venerini English medium Higher Secondary school is run and managed by Venerini Sisters,members of an International Religious family aims at a value based education focusing on all round development of the students with the motto “EDUCATE TO SET FREE“. The Venerini Institution in India, the second off-shoot of Mastre Pie Venerini in Italy.

Rosa who was a born educator, conscious of the religious and intellectual ignorance of young girls & boys, perceived that this ignorance was the true cause of the moral decadence of the families.

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Sr. Teena Joseph M.P.V